Company Name: Bee Gone Waste Disposal
Industry: Trash/Garbage/Rubbish/Waste Disposal Services and Trash/Recycling Equipment and Services

Contact: Rhonda Sue
Phone: 404-304-8116
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Service Provided in Atlanta and Surrounding


Bee Gone Waste Disposal

Every year, households throw out 1,200 pounds of organic garbage that could have been composted. Rhonda Sue, Owner of RSP Solutions and Bee Gone Waste and Recycling, makes “Talking Trash” fun while educating the community about waste and recycling solutions available for households and businesses.

I’ve always been fascinated by the “art” of reusing materials.
What most people don’t know are the possibilities….
“Almost 80% of everyday garbage CAN be recycled – even down to a Hershey’s Kiss wrapper. As well as …. recycling glass can become carpet backing and insulation can become ceiling tile.

Known for her ambition, enthusiasm and passion, Rhonda Sue has gained a reputation for her knowledge of the industry and outstanding business relations. “I am a very solution-driven person, and I always operate with a high level of expertise, integrity, leadership and respect”. Reputations are Built on Results… We build our Daily on Integrity and Teamwork….

One of my favorite sayings by Henry Ford is, “The man who thinks he Can AND the man who thinks he CanNot … BOTH are Right!!”. What does that mean? Self-Confidence and persistence will pay off, and beware that YOU may be your own worst enemy!

For a personalized program, including Equipment for your Business, Corporation, Community or Household please contact Rhonda Sue.

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